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di Tota

Photo Gallery

Campobasso Photos
This gallery includes a variety of photos from in and around the comune (or city) of Campobasso. While the area has certainly experienced growth during the last century, it is clear that this has long been an agricultural area. One view that is dominant from just about any point in the city is the Castello Monforte which rises above the surrounding city as a reminder of its ancient past. Photos by Dan Lynch and Giuseppe Gianfagna.
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Fotografia Campobasso

Scenes of Roma, Italia
The city of Rome, Italy has no equal and contains such an amazing collection of ancient and historic sites in such a condensed area that it is hard to comprehend — even while standing there viewing it with your own eyes. Many of the images may not need captions because the feature buildings and other subjects recognized throughout the world. Enjoy this collection of photographs which were taken in May 2006 by Dan Lynch.
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Fotografia Roma

The Comune of San Giovanni in Galdo (Provincia of Campobasso)
The small town of San Giovanni in Galdo is approximately 30 minutes by car from the center of Campobasso. This beautiful village is surrounded by lush southern Italian countryside and seems to have remained virtually untouched in the century since the authors ancestors left in 1904. There is a single one-way street with with homes, two churches (old and new), a municipal building at the bottom, and a nearby cemetery.
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San Giovanni in Galdo

Portelli di Campobasso
The Italian countryside offers wonderful, unspoiled views with many small villages visible on the distant hillsides. One aspect of the local architecture that gave personality to even the most humble home was the distinctive door and the Arco Romano or Roman Arch which could be seen in nearly every building, large and small. Enjoy this collection of the doors of Campobasso.
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Portelli di Campobasso

Family of Domenico di Tota (Ditoto)
Although he was born Domenico di Tota in Campobasso, he would emigrate to America as the age of 18 and would eventually adopt the name Domenic Ditoto as part of the Americanization process. This gallery is a collection of vintage photos of Domenico, many including his wife Anna Orsatti from San Giovanni in Galdo. Where possible, captions will describe the date, event, and individuals depicted in the photographs. Photo credits will be given where possible.
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Fotografia di Tota

City of Waterbury, Connecticut (USA)
The city of Waterbury, Connecticut, located approximately 90 minutes from New York City, became the home to many Italian immigrants — especially those from the regions of Abruzzo and Molise. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Waterbury was a bustling city with plenty of opportunity for immigrants of all ethnicities. Known as 'The Brass City' for its' manufacturing of brass and other metals, the Waterbury area is also well known for decades of clock and watch production.
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Fotografia Waterbury

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