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di Tota

Photo Gallery — di Total Family

Photo Gallery for di Tota family of Campobasso, Italy

Birthplace of Domenico di Tota, Campobasso, Italy (Taken July 1970)
Left to right: Carmella's son, Carmella __________ (possibly Antonio's daughter), driver,
Rita Ditoto Mongillo (visiting from USA), Carmella's husband.
Photo was taken by John Mongillo (husband of Rita, also visiting from USA).
(Note number 50 or 56 on door frame)
Birthplace of Domenico di Tota, Campobasso, Italy

Family of Antonio di Tota, Campobasso, Italy (Antonio b. 01 Apr 1883 d. 30 Sep 1965)
Antonio di Tota Family, Campobasso, Italy

Family photograph from Campobasso, Italy (believed to be related to Antonio di Tota)
Campobasso, Italy

More Ditoto and/or Di Tota related Photos

Hover mouse over an image to see detail. I'll post more detail soon.

Concettina Di Tota (daughter of Antonio Di Tota, 1946)
Antonio Di Tota, with wife and 2 daughters (1946)
Domenico Di Tota Domenico Di Tota

More Ditoto and/or Di Tota related Photos
L to R, ?, possibly Angelina Orsatti, Francesco Santoro, Concetta (Rita thinks met on boat).

Ray Ditoto, Paula Perscio, Mr. Percio, Rose Percio, John Ditoto
Louise Ditoto (possibly Engagement picture), about 1932?
Louise Ditoto and her confirmation sponsor, Carolina _______
Hendricken - Louise Ditoto graduation
Ida Ditoto, Louise Ditoto Lombardo, James Lombardo, Anthony Lombardo
Rita Ditoto and John Mongillo (05 Oct 194_)
Terry Ditoto

Anna Tartaglia and Jim Burke

Michael Tartaglia and Carrie Orsatti
Louise Ditoto's Confirmation Sponsor is woman 2nd from left
L to R is Fred D'Angelo (friend of Jay), Terry Ditoto, Domenic, Ida, Jay DiLeo
Peter Orsatti and Angelina Rossi
Possibly Anna Orsatti

The photo below is an interesting story. It bears a photographers mark from Cleveland, Ohio and while some senior members of the family seem to recall some relatives in Cleveland, nobody could recall any specific detail. After having posted this photo online, I received word from a Jim Di Tota (born in Cleveland, now living in California). Jim is the son of the late James Di Tota, born 1921 at Cleveland, Ohio; and grandson of the late Chriscenzo di Tota, born about 1878 at Campobasso. Chriscenzo had brothers Pasquale, John, and Joseph, as well as a sister Victoria. Chriscenzo was married to Rosina (Paladeno?), born about 1883.

According to Frank Di Tota (De Tota), in 2006, he identified himself as the young boy in the photograph. Bottom row on the right as you are looking at the photograph is Criscenzo Di Tota, born 30 May 1878 at Campobasso. The man at bottom left is Chriscenzo's brother Joseph Di Tota. Man back left is unknown and back right is believed to be the husband of Christine Doginello.

1970's Visit to Campobasso, Italy
Most of the following photographs were taken in 1970 when Rita Mongillo an her husband John (Rita is daughter of Domenico Di Tota) visited with various extended family members still living in Campobasso. The names of the individuals are not known for certain. If you are seeing this and know anyone pictured, please contact me with details.

The woman pictured in the light blue dress is Rita (Ditoto) Mongillo. She was born in America, but visited her parents village on more than one occasion. Her husband John is visible in the upper left picture, standing in the back wearing a light yellow, short-sleeve shirt.

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